Friday, November 05, 2004

World Wide Petition against the Escalation in Iraq.

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World Wide Petition against the Escalation in Iraq. An initiative of the BRussells tribunal endorsed by the World Tribunal on Iraq

Prof. Jean Bricmont, a Belgian scientist, specialist in theoretical physics, and author on politics, who was member of the prosecution at the BRussells Tribunal, has written a short but strong statement "Stop the escalation" (see the text after this message, in English, French and Dutch). It has been signed already by several distinguished people (see underneath).

We feel that we can't wait any longer to do something. We hope that you and/or your organisation will sign this letter, giving the call of prof Bricmont the resonance it deserves and he aimed at in writing it.

Now that we know, since the evening of 28th of October 2004, from an article in the Lancet, based on a survey by Johns Hopkins University that 100.000 Iraqi's died in the war, we feel this petition is urgent, so we send it out now.

We hope you join us in our outcry over the ongoing massacres by signing this petition against the escalation.

Yours in struggle for peace.

Prof.Lieven De Cauter, Dirk Adriaensens, Hana Al Bayaty and Patrick Deboosere, on behalf of the BRussell's Tribunal committee.( )
with full support of the the World Tribunal on Iraq ( ) of which the BRussells tribunal Committee is part.


"Excluding information from Falluja, a Lancet report of october 29 estimates that 100,000 more Iraqis died than would have been expected had the invasion not occurred. Eighty-four percent of the deaths were reported to be caused by the actions of Coalition forces and 95 percent of those deaths were due to air strikes and artillery." (Reuters, October 28, 2004)

Far from being over, the war in Iraq has only begun. The United States do not seem to be able to defeat the Iraqi resistance with the means they have been using. But neither can they accept their setbacks. The very arrogance with which the war was declared and waged has put all their prestige at stake in Iraq and, thereby, decades of efforts to assure their world domination. The stakes are even greater than in the Vietnam war. The United States cannot get out of Iraq unless they leave behind a friendly government, but today they have so few friends in that part of the world that no democratic election can produce such a government.

As a result, one must seriously anticipate a military escalation after the elections -- immediately in case Bush is returned to office, perhaps more gradually should Kerry win. But the Democratic candidate has no more intention than Bush of withdrawing from Iraq . The U.S. government will seek to defeat the resistance by all possible means. The effort is already underway to demonize the resistance in world opinion by associating it with abductions and murders condemned by virtually the whole spectrum of political organizations in the Arab world.

We demand that the United States face up to reality, unconditionally withdraw their troops from Iraq , and draw the necessary conclusions as to the unacceptable nature of preventive war. It is an illusion to ask that the U.S. forces remain until Iraq is pacified or stabilized, because their very presence is so hated that it constitutes the main obstacle to any sort of pacification.

Meanwhile, we affirm that we shall oppose by all peaceful and legal methods every attempt to crush the Iraqi resistance by a military escalation such as was attempted during the Vietnam war. We call on all governments to grant asylum to American military personnel refusing to serve in Iraq . We shall do our best to spread all available information to counter the war propaganda, and we shall try to mobilize world public opinion, as in 2002, to demand that the United States abandon their efforts to impose a military solution on Iraq .

First provisional list of signatories (30.10.04)

Noam Chomsky, author, USA
Jean Bricmont, prof. of theoretical physics and political publicist, writer of this petition, Belgium
Lieven De Cauter, prof of philosophy, Belgium
Patrick Deboosere, demographer, Belgium
Hana Al Bayaty, film maker, Iraq/France
Dirk Adriaensens, SOS Iraq , Belgium
Ayse Berktay, WTI organiser, Turkey
Abdul Ilah Al Bayaty, author, Iraq/France
Haifa Zangana, Iraqi-Kurdish novelist and journalist, Irak/UK
Ahmedzaib Khan Mahsud, Architect / Planner, Doctoral candidate, K. U. Leuven
Dr.Haithem Alshaibani, Prof. of Physics, UAE
tareq aldelaimi, writer and political activist, Iraq
Salah Omar Al Ali, Chief Editor of Al Wifaq Al Democraty, Iraq
Ed Herman, Professor Emeritus of Finance, Pennsylvania , economist and media analyst, USA
Michael Parenti, author, USA
William Blum, author of books on US foreign policy, Washington , DC
Richard Plunz, professor urban design, New York
Pierre Galand , Senator , Belgium
Karen Parker, attorney, USA
Amy Bartholomew, Law professor, Canada
Tom Barry, Policy Director, Interhemispheric Resource Center (IRC) , USA
John Saxe-Fernández, Professor, Mexico
Joachim Guilliard, journalist, Germany
Alkan Kabakcioglu, Posdoctoral Fellow in Physics, University of Padova , Padova , ITALY
Erik Swyngedouw, prof of social geography, Oxford
Ur Shlonsky, Professor Geneva , Switzerland
Xavier Bekaert, theoretical physicist, Paris
Nicolas Boulanger, Chercheur en Physique Théorique, Belgium
Bruno Vitale, physicist, Geneva ( Switzerland )
Biju Mathew, Professor, USA
Anton Regenberg, former director of the Brussels Goethe Institute
Anthony Alessandrini, New York University Students for Justice in Palestine , USA
Ayca Cubukcu, Ph.D. student, Columbia University , WTI- New York organizer, New York
Madiha Tahir, student and activist, USA
Rania Jawad, Graduate Student, New York City
Gizem Arikan, Graduate Student, USA
Stephanie Schwartz, New York , NY
Ozlem Altiok, Peace Action of Denton , Texas , USA
Obie Hunt, therapy aide Manhattan Psychiatric Center , USA
Pierre Py, Dictionnaire Historique de la Suisse
Janine Tillmann Py, Switserland
Silvia Cattori, Journaliste, Suisse
Adriana Hernandez Alarcon Mexico Doctor, member and founder of the organization "Not in Our Name México"
Aracely Cortes Galan Mexico , member and founder of the organization "Not in Our Name México"
Federico Campbell, México, Journalist, member and founder of the organization "Not in Our Name México"
Ramsés Ancira, México, Jorunalist, member of "Not In Our Name Mexico"·
Rosa García, México, member and founder of of the organization "Not in Our Name México"
Gabriel Perez Rendon Mexico Doctor, member and founder of the organization "Not in Our Name México"
Annelies De Backer , Belgium
Griet Boddez, director's secretary, Belgium
Ariella Masboungi, Architect and urbanist, France
Stefan Boeykens, Architect-Engineer, Leuven, Belgium
Paul Blondeel, urban research and consultancy, Amsterdam
Daniela Peluso, Anthropologist, Canterbury , UK
Erling Fidjestøl, social worker, Norway
Kaat Boon, civil engineer architect, Brussels
Elise Christensen, Peace Council , Norway
Catherine Denis, Médecin généraliste, Belgium
Simten Cosar, Ankara , Turkey
Enrique Ferro, Peace Activist, Brussels
Behcet Akalin, Istanbul-Turkey, IT Director
Saul Landau, journalist, USA
Roland Marounek, programmer, Stop.USA, Brussels

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